Palantir Technologies Inc. NYSE PLTR strengthens its relationship with Ringier to assist it in transforming into a digital-first, global media company. PTR is in the sweet spot of the increased interest in digital transformation companies at This is reflected in a slew of recent partnerships announced by the company. Palantir declared the renewal of a necessary partnership with Ringier, a Swiss media company, to provide software to help it accelerate its digital transformation and become a digital-first global media company.

Ringier is currently using Palantir’s Foundry software to serve better and inform its readers. According to the media company, this has aided in expanding its reach and improving its relationship with its audience, resulting in increased revenue potential. According to the company, the foundry is also used by Ringier to improve performance in its advertising departments across all of its media brands.

Why It Matters: For Ringier, the strengthened partnership with Palantir will mean a stronger push forward with its digital transformation strategy, which began more than a decade ago. “We were able to build a secure, comprehensive data foundation using Palantir’s world-leading integration technology,” said Marc Walder, CEO of Ringier. Palantir already has a strong presence in Europe, thanks to its partnerships with Merck KGaA MKGAF and Airbus SE EADSY, particularly in Switzerland, where it has an office in Zurich and plans to expand further.

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