AMD Stock News – Can They Stay on Top of the Processor Market?

AMD stock is on the rise in anticipation of more great things for Advanced Micro Devices stock as the Computing market shifts to cloud computing. AMD has a new major player in the game: Google. Recent rumors have said that AMD may be considering a tie up with Google and the search engine giant is said to be looking to widen its focus on cloud computing. The two companies may work together to provide better software and services for the IT industry as a whole.

If you’re thinking about investing in AMD stock price because it’s up, you may want to reconsider. Investors who purchased AMD stock during the present financial crisis didn’t fare too well because the stock lost quite a bit of its value in the span of a few days. Investors lost confidence in AMD stock and the market began a slow but steady decline. It took a few weeks but the stock market has finally begun to rebound. Now is a great time to buy AMD stock because it has begun to reverse its downward trend and is on the cusp of making a recovery.

As the Computing industry moves to cloud computing, AMD could find itself in a position to benefit greatly from this move. It’s a much faster process than a traditional server but it lacks the popularity of IBM or Google. AMD’s Ryzen processor is expected to offer less surprises or “air holes” that scare speculators off the stock but it will do quite well in the future. Since AMD already has an established name in the computer industry, any upside is excellent for investors looking for a high return on their investment while others wait for the value of this brand-new chip to skyrocket.

Two companies with a long and successful history in the stock market are Intel and Microsoft. Both companies have had very healthy profits over the past few years but there is one major difference between the two that may affect their ability to deliver good earnings in the future. Intel is basically known for selling large amounts of goods that are used in industrial firms, like robots and chips. They dominate the consumer and small-to-medium-level PC markets. Their stock price is based on the fact that they have made a lot of money for shareholders, so if they can’t win the next battle in the semiconductor market against a more dominant corporation, then they may find it difficult to compete against the competition. You can check the income statement of AMD at before investing.


AMD Stock News – Can They Stay on Top of the Processor Market?
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