A rough four-wheel-drive through the red dunes, a Bedouin camp in the desert, camel riding, dark dancing and feasting, hunting falcons, henna on hands and feet… sounds good right?

This is just about what you get when you register for a Dubai Desert Safari – and it is a piece of life in sand, away from the sights, towers and the big city, for the average three and half days visitor. It doesn’t matter in which area of Dubai you are in, you can make reservations from anywhere in this city, like Port De La Mer apartments for sale can make your reservations, as they are in contact with one or two firms providing the service.


There are many ways to do this. All of them can be signed up by yourself from the many websites that provide the service. It may be confusing for you with so many companies providing the same service but it’s just the difference of name otherwise, all of these companies have similar services.

Don’t confuse Dubai’s Desert Safari with Desert Safaris Dubai, Dubai Desert Tours, and so on. If you think this all sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry they are all businesses with long track records. The positive thing with so many players on the ground is that rivalry holds consumer rates on their side.

So, having selected your business, complete all the fields on the website with information about yourself and any accompanying persons that join you, from where you wish to be picked up (usually your hotel is best), and soon after you will be contacted.

Typically, at the pick-up time payment is in cash and credit cards. Most websites recommend that you reserve a safari 48 hours in advance of time.

Your hotel can also do anything for you! They have a relation with one or two of the firms. You can also add the safari expense to the hotel bill.


As mentioned above, take a route virtually from anywhere in Dubai (usually near Al Awir, not far away from the E311, if you want to find it at or on Google Maps), and return to your hotel after it’s over.

You will be driving onto the sand and down the sandy dunes at the transportation stop (most likely the redoubled Toyota Landcruiser) for approximately 30 minutes and you will be driving almost every other thing you can think of in the sand and dunes.

It’s really safe: drivers know what they do and what the cars can do, but it can be a little hair-raising to the uninitiated. This is intended to be! Think of it as a long and exciting rush on the rollercoaster; maybe not as terrifying, but a long ride.

One of the cars might get stuck in the sand for a little more excitement and your driver may have to pull it out. Tiny word of warning: let the driver know – and see if you can bag the front seat if you are suffering from motion sickness.

Around one hour before sunset, you will arrive in the “Bedouin” camp. After what you have just passed, you will possibly need to stretch your leg a little. You will be reassured that you are a little far from “civilisation,” climb to the top of the dune or two, and see what’s more in the camp: a lot of little stalls selling things capsized falcons on display, henna-painting, camels for ride and photos.


It will take about five hours from a pick-up in Dubai before you go down. The fee that you pay is for the whole experience, not just for the wild parts in the dunes.

It’s a pretty good money value. Read what other people who went before said and released – 2300 plus ratings, 2000 of which fell under the categories “excellent” and “excellent.”  Of course, some people have still not enjoyed the adventure. Read some of their comments and reviews to help you think.


You mean were there any terrible accidents? They are almost close to none, but some road horrific accidents have been reported in the city over the past 5 years.

Could a single woman go to the desert safely? You are not going to be lonely – up to a dozen other visitors will still be in a minivan and 7 passengers are carried by a Landcruiser, other than the driver. Even if she is alone, in this city all human beings are completely safe regardless of their gender.

There are multiple things to experience in Dubai and Desert safari is among the top priorities. People in this city love to drive 4×4, and of course, in the desert with an SUV, it’s an amazing experience. Fortunately, the desert is not that far from any place in the city including the freshly constructed District One Villas for sale in Dubai. It is just a 30 or 40 min drive from there.